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Homily - June 28

Posted by Father Joseph Sevcik on 6/28/20

     One day a heart surgeon removed a patient's heart to repair it. When the surgeon returned it to the chest he began to gently massage it back to life. But the heart wouldn't restart. After more intense measures were implemented the heart still would not restart. Finally, ... Read More »

Homily - June 21

Posted by Father Joseph Sevcik on 6/22/20

Homily for June 21 - “Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time”

     Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who are here today. When thinking of my own dad I could not ever recall any fear in his voice or tone. Even when he had to make a choice ... Read More »

RESET and REBUILD - June 18

Posted by Amber Lier on 6/18/20

RESET and REBUILD  -- from the Desk of Father John Moser

     In my May 2020 website blog I wrote on the theme of REPENT and RESET. I wanted to encourage you as well as myself to hit the "reset" button in our hearts, in our souls, and ... Read More »

Homily for June 14 - Corpus Christi

Posted by Father Joseph Sevcik on 6/14/20

     I remember visiting a family who had gathered around the bedside of their dying mother and grandmother. Several of the family members began to sing songs and hymns. Soon the woman opened her eyes, smiled and softly said, “That’s sweet.” Today we are celebrating the Body and ... Read More »

Homily for June 7 - Holy Trinity

Posted by Father Joseph Sevcik on 6/08/20

   During the coronavirus shutdown someone posted on their facebook: this is the first time in my adult life that I can ever recall having more alcohol on my hands than on my lips. Funny posting isn’t it. Our focus or theme today is not funny, rather it is ... Read More »