Novena for Healing

As the covid-19 pandemic continues we pray to "Jesus, the Divine Physician" in a nine day novena for healing.

Response to daily intention:   Jesus, son of David, have mercy on us.

Intentions   1. For all sick and lonely persons that they may experience the healing hands of the Lord Jesus.  Response

   2. For those who are ill among my family and friends, that they be restored to full health: physically, mentally and spiritually. Response

   3. For the well-being of all who care for the sick: doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, emt's, spouses and caregivers.  Response

   4. For the homebound, the bedridden, those in nursing homes, and all who rely on others for their needs.  Response

   5. For those who suffer due to coronavirus or a serious disease: that God's loving spirit may radiate within them.  Response

   6. For those who are disabled: that they reach out in faith to touch the hem of the Lord's garment and know His power. Response

   7. For persons who are physically fit but are suffering from depression, mental anguish or an addiction: that the Lord grant them His peace and give them courage to become whole again.  Response

   8. For government officials and legislators, that they will pass laws to provide for research and dignified care for the elderly, chronically ill, those diagnosed with covid-19, and the homeless.  Response

   9. For the grace of God to help us in accepting our suffering and that of our loved ones as a way to draw closer to Him.  Response

Jesus, You are God's gift of Healing Love. While on earth, You healed the sick and afflicted who came to You for help. I believe that You continue to heal the sick today. Heal me and those for whom I pray.  Amen.

              + from the desk of Father John Moser