"Rediscover the Saints" book study group

Rediscover the Saints

    This book by Matthew Kelly is being handed out to our parishioners the weekend, December 28/29. The book is NOT a dense biography about the saints. There are enough of those. This is an invitation - to reflect on how the saints are active in your life and to let them be even more involved, each and every day! The chapters are short, so it wouldn’t be difficult to read your favorite chapter and saint. What a great way to go into the New Year!

Book study groups are being formed - one that meets at 3:30pm on Tuesdays in St. Ann-St. Joseph Hall [Harpers Ferry] beginning January 7. Father Moser will be the facilitator. Another group will meet on Saturdays at 9:00am in Chapel of St. Bernadette [Lansing] beginning January 11. Rediscover the Saints and how your life has been changed by the saints.

Contact Father Moser if interested in attending either of these enriching and exciting groups.