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April 20 - Notes from Father Moser

Posted by Father Sean Smith on 4/20/20

[1] On July 14 of this year I will become pastor of St. Mary Parish (Hanover), St. Patrick Parish (Waukon), and St. Mary Parish (Dorchester). After Deacon Sean Smith is ordained a priest [the Ordination Mass is scheduled for May 23, 2020], he will be assigned as Pastor on ... Read More »

Homily for April 19 - Divine Mercy Sunday

Posted by Father Sean Smith on 4/19/20

Homily on April 19, 2020

            The psalm today proclaims, “His mercy endures forever.” We behold this mercy in the nurses and doctors caring for COVID patients, when someone washes clothes or dishes for a brother who has a broken leg, whenever a friend says “I forgive you” when ... Read More »

April 17 announcement

Posted by Father Sean Smith on 4/17/20

from desk of Father John Moser

     Archbishop Michael Jackels has notified me that on July 14, 2020 I will be transferred from my current assignment as pastor of the four parishes comprising "Holy Family of the Bluffs Catholic community". I am being reassigned as pastor of a ... Read More »

Communal Penance on April 18 & 19

Posted by Father Sean Smith on 4/16/20

Parking lot "Penance Services" with General Absolution

      Because of Governor's "Stay-at-home" declaration these penance services are being postponed.

   This Sunday, April 19, is "Divine Mercy Sunday". I thought a great way to celebrate God's mercy and love on this "Divine Mercy Sunday" in 2020 would be ... Read More »

April 11 - Homily for Easter Sunday

Posted by Father Sean Smith on 4/11/20

     I remember that whenever Jerry Lewis ended his MDA Telethons on Labor Day weekend he would sing the lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II: "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark. ... Walk on, walk on, with ... Read More »

Faith Formation update for Families & Individuals - April 10

Posted by Father Sean Smith on 4/11/20

Hello my friends and fellow disciples:      I receive emails daily in regards to resources available to assist families and children in their growth in the faith. Here are some of these - choose one each day and when you find a resource that is best speaking and teaching you ... Read More »

April 8 Update

Posted by Lane Rich on 4/08/20

From the desk of Archbishop Jackels and Father Moser

A} Archbishop Michael Jackels has announced: 1] All public celebrations of Holy Mass are cancelled until further notice. All Catholics in the Archdiocese of Dubuque are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass. 2] The Archbishop will live stream ... Read More »

April 5 - Homily for Palm/Passion Sunday

Posted by Father Sean Smith on 4/05/20

    I want to share with you a story from Joseph F. Sica. Larry and Dorothy's thirty-eight-year-old son was found dead of a heart attack. Dorothy looked me straight in the eyes and said, "It's only Monday. What a week this is going to be."

    With ... Read More »

April 2 update

Posted by Lane Rich on 4/01/20

Palm / Passion Sunday 2020

FASTING & ABSTINENCE: These two disciplines of Lent are meant to help us to focus more on God in our lives.

Good Friday is a Day of fast and abstinence.  All Catholics from age 18-59 are to fast on Good Friday. When fasting, a person ... Read More »

April 1 update - Chrism Mass

Posted by Lane Rich on 4/01/20

Chrism Mass: The Archbishop has postponed this celebration until such time that the Archdiocesan community can gather and the priests are able to be present to renew their promises. The oils will be blessed and consecrated at that time.