Holy Family of the Bluffs Joint Council Minutes

Holy Family of the Bluffs Pastoral Council Minutes (Unapproved Minutes)

Monday, April 30, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in IC Hall, Lansing

Mission Statement: We are a community of God’s children, joyfully celebrating the presence of God. We believe that all of God’s gifts are freely given by the Lord and seek to be a community that shares with strangers and friends alike Jesus’ love.

  1. Welcome and greeting by Fr. Moser
  2. Prayer led by Fr. Moser
  3. Members present:

Immaculate Conception, Wexford:  Dan Conway, Theresa Heuker, Leon Manning, Ben Wagner and Mary O’Neil (excused)

St. Joseph, New Albin:  Bonnie Weymiller

Immaculate Conception, Lansing:  Nancy Hosch, Kay Mettille, Mary Palmborg, Don Peters, Erica Wagner, Bill O’Connor, Dan Mattson and Rita Heim (excused)

St. Ann-St. Joseph, Harpers Ferry:  Pat Cota, Tom Diggins, Julie Fossum

  1. Motion by Pat Cota and second by Bill O’Connor to approve minutes of February 26, 2018 meeting. Motion carried.


  1. Mission Priorities- Archbishop Michael Jackels: Promoting vocations in general, and priesthood in particular. Possible Capital Campaign was discussed.  This campaign will possibly assist the priest retirement fund and several other funds that are in need. This is only in the discussion process and Fr. Moser will keep us informed.
  2. Mass Schedule- Summer 2018: Discussion was very positive on this topic and was felt that this was a good decision as of present. Will take another look at this schedule, in the near future, to see if it was still acceptable by all parishes of the Holy Family of the Bluffs.
  3. Meet & greet with all Pastoral Councils - summer 2018: Mary Palmborg and Erica Wagner volunteered to organize this event.
  4. Parish elections on May 19 & 20. Pleased with response from parish members on the nomination process, that was presented at each mass. St. Ann-St. Joseph (Harpers Ferry) requested a repeat of this for their parish only, this upcoming weekend.
  5. What’s  “Happening” in your parish? In HFB?
  • New Albin:  First Communion was a success. Also one baptism.  Still discussing options for fall festival activities. Rectory removed, no decision made for that area as of yet.
  • Harpers Ferry:  Following up with tree service on progress of Save the Trees.  Final work is being done for concrete stairs and the painting of them. Senior Mass will be May 12th.
  • I.C., Wexford:  Handicap accessible restrooms installed. Will be powder coating the railings, located across the dike.  Discussion regarding rectory will take place during their next council meeting. July 1st Fr. Donald Hawe’s 65th jubilee celebration as a priest and his 90th birthday. Looking for tables, chairs and a tent.  I.C. Lansing hall was reserved for Judy Steiber for June 30th to prepare the meal, for this event.
  • I.C., Lansing:  Pillars covered in hall. Lights fixed. New bookcase in chapel. Looking into buying new chairs for hall.

Fr. Moser: June 23rd will be the beginning of the pilgrimage at St. Pius Oratory, Cherry Mound. Researching the purchasing of updated musical instruments, ex. piano and clavinova. This will be for all Holy Family of the Bluffs parishes.

  1.     Correspondence-  Not discussed at this time.

Was brought to the council table that Act of Kindness for May would be designated to the Eric Troendle family.  Approved by council.  Erica Wagner will talk to the family regarding this.  Act of Kindness for the Vet’s will be the following month. Council approved.

Fr. Moser closed with a prayer. Food and beverages were served after meeting.

Next meeting will be on Monday, September 24, 2018 at I.C. Parish Hall, Wexford.

Minutes by Nancy Hosch





December 4, 2017     

Mission Statement: We are a community of God’s children, joyfully celebrating the presence of God. We believe that all God’s gifts are freely given by the Lord and seek to be a community that shares with strangers and friends alike Jesus’ love.

Welcome and greeting by Father Moser

Prayer led by Nancy Hosch

Members present: IC (Lansing) – Rita Heim, Kay Mettille, Bill O’Connor, Mary Palmborg,

Don Peters, Nancy Hosch, Erica Wagner; St. Ann-St. Joseph, Harpers Ferry – Tom Diggins,

Mike Quillin; IC (Wexford) – Dan Conway, Theresa Heuker, Mary O’Neill;

St. Joseph, New Albin – Dan Colsch, Pat Mauss, Bonnie Weymiller.

Minutes of August 28, 2017 meeting were read and approved.

MISSION PRIORITIES: Teaching stewardship as a way of life. Mary O’Neill shared what the HFB Stewardship Committee is involved in (monthly theme for quotes on front of the bulletin, monthly bulletin inserts). Sr. Lynn Fangmann came to IC Lansing in 2016 and spoke on stewardship to HFB faith formation students. Mary Pedersen (Archdiocesan adult faith formation director) will come and speak on September 10, 2018 at IC Lansing – her theme will be using our time, talents, and treasures to our best ability.

STRENGTHS IN OUR PARISHES: Money is well spent in all 4 parishes by Finance Council and Buildings and Grounds Committees. All parishes are generous in giving to others. Student Masses are strong and children are sharing their gifts with the parishes. All Councils agree that Father Moser is not harsh but not tight with money spent  at the parishes. Parishioners have been coming forth to freely volunteer. Act of Kindness collections have been large. The response to the Giving Tree was phenomenal. Stewardship is obviously taking a deeper root in our parishes.

WEAKNESSES: Need to work on long range goals for each parish; how to get more parishioners actively involved.

MASS SCHEDULES: Rotation of Masses seems to work best in the winter. Father thinks each parish has its own special time that works. Many Masses are scheduled for Christmas…this can only happen because of the generous help of our retired priests. People seem to like the month at a time rotation of Masses.

WHAT’S HAPPENING: New Albin: Soup supper will be held on Saturday, December 9. The Faith Formation Center (former rectory) was purchased and moved 2 blocks…much money was saved by not having to tear it down. Blacktopping at the site will be done in 2018. The existing parking lot was sealcoated. Wexford: The fish fry was a great success again; attendance at breakfasts is good. Ash trees were taken down. Half of the money needed to fix tombstones in the spring has been raised. The dike railing from the hall to the church will be fixed in the spring. Father Donald Hawes will celebrate his 65th Jubilee in summer of 2018. Harpers Ferry: Concrete work on ramp and steps is done; an unused organ is for sale. Kitchen updates include new tile and two new stoves donated by the Rosary Society. New carpet was installed in the hall. IC Lansing: carpet was replaced in the entrance of the church hall. Tom Garrett built new steps into the garage. Landscaping in the courtyard is done. A pole was installed at the corner of the parking lot to protect the wall. Fall Festival was well attended…proceeds were nearly same as year before. A Faith Formation Advent program will be held on December 13.

FATHER MOSER: Website has been remodeled and revamped. The response to online giving is great already. The holiday train will come through town December 7…therefore Holy Day Mass in St. Joseph (New Albin) will be changed to 5:30pm so people can attend both. Father may eventually hire someone to replace our pastoral associate, but will discuss again after Easter, April 1. A parish life survey was discussed…would help find ways for parish leaders to focus on reaching out to people and would evaluate our programs. Iowa Right to Life sent a thank you for our donation.

Meeting adjourned with a prayer at 8:00pm.

Next joint meeting will be February 26, 2018 at 7:00pm at Wexford.




Stewardship Committee Minutes     Dec. 1, 2017

Members present:  Fr. Moser, Marcella Hale, Bruce Palmborg, Mary O’Neill, Patti Hastings

 Absent:  Shari Curran, Charlie Berns and Rita Heim

Patti Hastings opened meeting with a prayer.  Minutes from Nov. 3, 2017 were approved.

Father Moser has a book that will be given for Christmas as a gift to parishioners.

Quotes were given for December bulletins.

Shari Curran will be contacted concerning pricing for inserts from Brother Steward Series.  This will be discussed at the January meeting.

During December we will Our Sunday Visitor inserts each week. 

Mary Pederson will come Sept. 10, 2018.  She will speak on Praising God through Time, Talent, and Treasure.  We discussed several options for her talk.  What group to invite, will we have food, where will it be, etc.  Some ideas were:  have talk be As a Family Praising God Through Time, Talent, and Treasurer, invite the surrounding Catholic communities (Waukon parishes, Genoa, Seneca, Caledonia, Postville, McGregor, Monona, possibly Decorah etc.), have an ice-breaker at the beginning and possibly a break during the talk, for food we discussed bars and drink or have hot dogs or corn dogs and chips, and various time frames were discussed.

The consensus was to invite Catholic parishes but if anyone from another denomination asks about coming they are certainly welcome.  It will be in Lansing church and go downstairs for lunch.  Possible time frame—6:30 to 6:45 for ice-breaker, Mary Pederson speak from 6:45 to 7:45, and then lunch.  Marketing will be notice in parish bulletins, poster in churches, word of mouth to friends and neighbors, etc.  This will be an on-going planning agenda and will be discussed at the next meetings.

January theme will be a New Beginning.  Mary O’Neill will send an idea for an insert she found for the first week for everyone to preview—if anyone has one they want instead that is fine.  Bring your ideas for the rest of January to the next meeting.

Next meeting is January 5, 2018.  Bruce Palmborg will lead prayer.

Patti Hastings closed meeting with a prayer.

Meeting concluded at 10:30 a.m.










Holy Family of the Bluffs

Joint Pastoral Council Minutes {unofficial}

Thursday, April 21, 2015 at 7:00pm in IC, Hall Lansing


Mission Statement:

We are a community of God's children, joyfully celebrating the presence of God. We believe that all of God's gifts are freely given by the Lord. Though these gifts are freely given, as individuals we need to ask that the gifts be made available to us. We seek to be a community that shares with strangers and the friends alike Jesus’ love. 

I.  Welcome and greeting by Father Moser

II. Prayer:  Karen Weber

III. Members Present:

                        Immaculate Conception, Lansing

Jim Barry, Rita Heim, Nancy Hosch, Kay Mettille, Mary Palmborg, Don Peters, & Ann Wagner.

                       Immaculate Conception, Wexford

Dan Conway, Shane Gavin, Tom Gavin, Mark Kruse,  & Leon Manning.

                       St. Ann-St. Joseph, Harpers Ferry 

Connie Benedict, Tom Diggins, Julie Fossum, & Steve Manning. 

                       St. Joseph, New Albin 

Dan Colsch, Earl Mitchell, & Bonnie Weymiller.      

                        Absent & excused:  Charlie Berns Jr. & Mary O’Neill.

IV. Minutes from the previous meeting of Jan. 28, 2016 were approved as written.

V.  Topics:

a. “Year of Mercy” Archdiocesan Work Weeks

1)    Plan for Service Week:

v Clothe the Naked {July 10} have a clothing drive in each parish. Combine the clothing and take to St. Patrick’s Store, the Waystation, and homeless shelters in LaCrosse.  In the fall possibly September, have another clothing drive for hats, mittens, coats, and other winter clothing. 

v How will clothing drive be managed and who will coordinate?

  • St. Joseph: Dan Colsch said they will have during their Breakfast; people can bring items to the basement.

  •  St. Ann-St. Joseph: Have a room in the basement {Mission Room}.  Steve Manning and Tom Diggins will coordinate. 

  • IC, Lansing: Kay Mettille Nancy Hosch would take care of all the baby clothes {layettes are for 0 – 12 months}.  Ann Wagner offered to wash all the clothes free in the laundromat. Mary Palmborg has volunteered to help.

  • IC, Wexford: to be determined.

2)      The Catholic Version for “Leading Like Jesus”  {tabled until next meeting}

v “Name it, Claim it, Tame it”

3)    Holy Family of the Bluffs Mission Statement.

v HFB formed a consensus to change the mission statement as follows.

  • We are a community of God's children, joyfully celebrating the presence of God.  We believe that all of God's gifts are freely given by the Lord. Though these gifts are freely given, as individuals we need to ask that the gifts be made available to us. We seek to be a community that shares with strangers and the friends alike Jesus’ love.

4)    Tom Gavin & Shane Gavin

v Shared their concerns with the Stewardship insert on “Earth as our Home, part 2”.

v Many comments were offered by those in attendance and a healthy discussion took place.

v Stewardship Committee would like to invite everyone to attend our meetings and offer suggestions; we meet the first Friday of every month at 9:30am in the Parish Office 

5)    What’s “Happening” in your parish? In HFB?

v IC, Wexford: