I.C. Lansing Pastoral Council Minutes

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Pastoral Council Minutes

Monday August 24th , 2020,  7pm—Church Hall


       I.          Prayer- Father Smith

     II.          Roll Call:  Bill O’Connor,  Stan Schwartzhoff, Matt Wagner, Pat Wagner, Peter Berns, Fr. Smith and Marylu Baker. 

    III.          Minutes from previous meeting on July 20th reviewed and approved.  Motion made by Pat and seconded by Peter.

   IV.          Old Business

1.     Two individuals were mentioned as possible candidates for the Parish council.  These persons will be contacted to see if they would be willing to serve. 

2.     Stan did speak with Rask Roofing on need repair of church roof.  As far we are aware, Rask has not stopped at church to assess roof.
  Action Item:  Peter and Stan will follow up with Rask again and schedule a time for Rask to come and look at roof.  It also was discussed to get 2 to 3 estimates on this repair. 

3.     Father has noted another flickering light in the church.  It is not known if this is the same fixture that was recently fixed by members of building and grounds committee.
  Action Item: Bill will follow up with Jim Hosch to first ask if this is same set of lights within the fixture that was repaired.  Peter will also follow up with Mauss Electric to get their opinion on light fixture issue.

     V.          New Business

1.     Council members discussed the possibility of hiring a person to replaced Bob Troendle after his recent retirement.  This would be a part time position and could include some maintenance at church.   The yard work in being done at this time by parishioners.  The concern now is the upcoming winter season and shoveling of snow.  Action Item:  Bill will work on some wording ideas to advertise a position for this. 

2.     Father has completed his upgrade of furniture in rectory office.  He reports he is pleased how it has turned out.  The total purchase cost of furniture was $3,267 from Welter Storage Equipment Co.  Father also purchased an office chair for himself with his own funds.  Father and Lane are continuing to clean up and organize various files, and some files should be disposed of.  Father will contact the bank to see if they have a shredding service we could use to destroy files. 

3.     A motion was made by Marylou to purchase A/C unit for rectory if needed in Fathers office, or other areas of house. 

4.     Lane has announced she will be resigning her position as church secretary.  She will continue to be the music director.  Father will be working on a Job description and some interview questions for Lane’s position.  Lane also states she is willing to help the new person transition into the position before she leaves. 

5.     Father reports he intends on contracting the propane for the upcoming winter season.  By contracting we will be saving approx. $500.  Council members did agree that this is a good idea. 

6.     Father continues to work on filming the Mass for parishioner’s to view at home.  This process takes a couple hours to edit before it is posted.  Father has taped the Mass at St Ann’s in Harpers on Sat eve, so Mass could be posted at earlier time on Sunday.  He continues to work on this process. 

7.     Council members discussed Flock Note.  This is a service to improve timely communications to parish members.  Many Parishes are using this service and have found it greatly beneficial.  This service sends texts and emails to parish members to notify and communicate happenings withing the parish.  This will not replace the bulletin but act as a supplement.  There is a cost to this service, but a substantial savings could be realized if flock note could be used instead of mailings etc. 

8.     Father reported that a Joint parish council meeting will be tentatively scheduled next month.  This will be held in Wexford.  Council members suggested date of Sept 21st at 7pm.  Father will see if this date works for the other parishes.   

   VI.          Subcommittee Reports

1.     Faith Formation Report

Father has been working with Barb, and Mandy on the upcoming FF season.  Start date will be in October.  Leaders have been working on content and discussing ideas on how best to educate parish youth and adults.  The Archbishop’s message is to make adult formation a priority our leaders are working on ways to realize this goal. 

2.     Finance

Father Smith passed around the Income and Expense report for the 1st month of new Fiscal year.   

 VII.          Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.  Minutes respectfully submitted by Matt Wagner.