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Immaculate Conception Wexford Pastoral Council Meeting  Nov. 6, 2017 (unapproved minutes)

Present:  Fr. Moser, Ben Wagner, Dan Conway, Mary O’Neill, Shari Curran

Absent:  Theresa Heuker, Shane Gavin, Glen Delaney, Mary Jo Mohn, Leon Manning

(no quorum)

Meeting opened with a prayer by Fr. Moser

Ben Wagner motioned to approve minutes and second by Dan Conway

Buildings and Grounds—hand rails are painted and Wexford Sign is painted; Wet & Forget has been applied to tombstones and seems to be working; benches are stored in garage for winter; septic tank has been pumped out

Faith Formation—Foresters and Faith Formation have teemed up and will be collecting items for the needy during Advent at each parish; Advent/Nativity presented on Dec. 13th

Treasurer’s report—balance $10,956.29  Motion to accept by Ben Wagner second by Dan Conway

Parish Life—Breakfasts finished for year—Fish Fry is done

Social Justice—set Act of Kindness for next few months—Mittens for kids, fuel assistance  Fr. Moser had a letter from a recipient from Puppy Jake who was very thankful for getting his dog

Stewardship—A speaker will be here in Sept., 2018 talking about Time, Talent, and Treasurer; bulletin inserts are being done and will weekly during Advent and Lent

Wexford Foundation—Newsletter will be coming out soon with history of the Bohrer family windows in the church and other topics

Rosary Society—Fish Fry went smoother this year; Fish Fry profit $6,259.72 with one more bill to be paid; not sure total number as carry outs not kept track of but felt was about same number as last year

Tree Removal—went very good

Readerboards & stonework is finished.  Some of those who donated want a placque with their names on it.  Discussion took place on how and where to place the placques.

Tombstone Repair--$2545 donated at this time.  Work will begin in the spring

Adam Lawn Mowing noticed empty barrel behind hall and asked if no one wanted it they could take it.  Approval for them to take the barrel.  Last year a bonus was given to them but this year no bonus but they can have the barrel

Snow Removal—Shane Gavin was absent.  He was going to check on getting someone to do it.  Dan Conway purchased a blade for his ranger.  He will check on who will remove snow

Fr. Donald Hawes Jubilee—sometime in later part of June, 2018.  Will invite him attend next meeting to discuss the celebration

Wheelchair restroom—Monona parish was told they had to have accessible bathrooms.  Dan Conway presented plans on how our bathrooms could be made wheelchair accessible.  Nothing decided at this time

Replace posts etc. along dike—posts are rotting along the dike.  Dan Conway had an estimate from Benjegerdes on cost of metal work to replace the posts etc.  $1300.  Someone from Tumbleweed will be invited to attend next meeting to discuss this.

Road on side of church by the Wexford sign will be smoothed out by Ben Wagner

Motion by Ben Wagner and second by Dan Conway to close meeting

Meeting closed with a prayer

Next meeting     February 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Mary O'Neill



 Immaculate Conception Wexford Pastoral Council Meeting   April 4, 2017 (unapproved minutes)

  • Present: Rev. John Moser, Dan Conway, Shane Gavin, Brandon O’Neill, Ben Wagner, and Glen Delaney.  Absent: Leon Manning and Regina Manning
  • Mary O’Neill present
  • Father Moser opened meeting with a prayer.
  • Motions by Dan Conway and second by Brandon O’Neill to approve minutes of last meeting.
  • Buildings and Grounds:
  • Fence is taken out between hall and Jim O’Neill property.  Dan Conway talked to Jim O’Neill about parking by the hall for Msgr. Cletus Hawes celebration.  Jim O’Neill said it was o.k.  Discussed about parking car on "Old Craney Field" on Red Oak Road but thought only pick-ups could park there. Entryway to church is finished except doors which will come—etching of cross on them is being done now.  Francis Wagner family is donating doors. 
  • Trying to get rid of moles in parish cemetery—burned ditches, etc.  Closet in hall needs to be looked at—board seems to be rotten and needs to be replaced.
  • Ash trees by house are dead—Dustyn Conway could take trees down and work with electrical lines for $1000. Motion was made and seconded to have Dustyn Conway do this.  After further discussion concerning insurance and liability issues it was decided to get bids. Ben Wagner will contact Tom Burke and Kyle Johnson for a bid.  No decision was made.Faith Formation:
  • Faith Formation meeting was held and talked about year’s programs etc.  Confirmation is April 30 at 5:00 p.m. in Lansing. More catechists are needed. Next year St. Joseph New Albin students will attend classes in Lansing and will no longer have classes in New Albin.
  • Treasurer Report: March 31, 2017 checkbook balance is 12,738.09.
  • Parish Life: Breakfast Sunday, April 9, 2017 in parish hall.  Msgr. Cletus Hawes Jubilee and birthday celebration will be held
  • April 30th  Fish Fry usually held third Friday in September but will be set at a later date.
  • Social Justice: Layettes are being made and one of Act of Kindness collections will be for layettes.  Committee talked about having one day a week meal for people in the community. 
  • Stewardship: Talked about ways of increasing stewardship in our parishes, possibly having speaker in each parish to talk about what stewardship means to them and how they are doing it.  Bulletin inserts were suggested by this committee  
  • Rosary Society: Breakfast this Sunday and are planning celebration for Msgr. Hawes.  Pastoral Council asked about serving on both sides of the counter for celebration.  Shane Gavin will contact people for tents for celebration—Hammell and/or Ness.
  • New Business:
  • Father said our facilities are signed up as a shelter in time of disaster by North East Iowa Red Cross
  • Father also reminded council about the Youth Group Account
  • Father mention getting some new booklets for Stations of Cross
  • Jim O’Neill asked about putting sign for his campground by the big Cotton Wood Tree where people fish.  Council agreed to the sign.
  • The hand railing going into church and by Wexford sign need to be repainted.  Linda Heckman from Waukon would paint them for free if we provide the paint.  Council agreed to this.
  • Dan Conway and Bahr walked through cemetery to check the tombstones. There are about 30 that need to be re-done.  Dubuque had this as one of their concerns when they did our insurance survey. Carl Mullarkey said the cemetery gets no money from Dubuque to cover this project.  Council agreed to put a note in bulletin for donations for this and see if we can get funds to cover the project.
  • Council decided not to do anything for Ragbrai.
  • Joint Council Meeting will be held June 22, 2017 in Lansing.
  • Pastoral Council Election will be held May 20 and 21
  • Next meeting will be June 5, 2017 at 7:30 pm.
  • Ben Wagner closed meeting with a prayer.