St. Ann - St. Joseph & I.C. Wexford F.F.C. Minutes

Faith Formation Commission Meeting Minutes

Holy Family of the Bluffs Joint Meeting

January 9, 2018

  1. l) Meeting called to order by Father Moser with prayer.
  2. ll) Roll Call of Members
  3. Members present:  Father Moser, Rita Mooney (FFL), Dan Mattson (Chair), Dolly Boland, Hannah Steiber, Joan Reburn, Brigid Cota, Peggy Berns, Sheila Diggins, Kay Gavin
  4. Members absent:  Cheryl Garin, Barb Winters-Kelly, David Mitchell, Mary Jo Mohn, Hollee McCormick, Julie Rethwisch, Regina Manning

Minutes from November 14 meeting will be approved at the February meeting.

lll) Reports

Comments from Father:  “Nine Words” book is available.  Would like to use this book as an adult education resource.  Dolly Boland was asked to share experience at NCYC.  Father would like to organize an evening for the NCYC attendees to share their experience.  Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) is a retreat for high school seniors.  Posters are up on bulletin boards. 

Leaders Gram:  Father reviewed the January Special Reminders for FF Commission.  FFC ideas to consider: Dan suggested an open house before classes begin in the Fall.  Peggy suggested reading Family Matters e-newsletter.   A suggestion was made we need to expose younger youth to what happens at NCYC.

Comments from Rita (FFL):  Dan discussed with Rita about additions to handbook.  They will work on it at the end of school year.  Lenten activities:  Ash Wednesday is February 14.  First Reconciliation is Jan. 10 in Harpers Ferry at 7 pm.  Confessions in Lansing on March 7, and in Harpers Ferry on March 14.  Stations of the Cross in Lansing on Feb. 28 & March 21.  First Communion schedule:  I.C. (Wexford) Saturday, April 21, likely at 5:30.  I.C.(Lansing) Sunday, April 22, at 10 am.  St. Joseph (New Albin) Sunday, April 29 at 8:30 am.  Youth masses are going well.  Senior Mass has not been decided yet.  Currently we are all using the same textbooks, except for First Reconciliation.  In Harpers Ferry, we are using Dynamic Catholic.  Am considering changing to Dynamic Catholic for First Reconciliation in Lansing next year. 

RCIA:  Father will post in bulletin.

Other:  Dan shared his desire to become a Deacon.  He will attend an informational meeting on Thurs. Jan. 11 in Decorah.  Rita shared info on (TEC) Teens Encounter Christ.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:10.  Next meeting @ IC Lansing @ 7 pm on February 13, 2018

Joan Reburn, Secretary