St. Joseph (New Albin) Rosary Society Minutes

Rosary Society Meeting Agenda

February 23, 2020

  1. Opened with prayer
  2. Financial report

                We reviewed the financial status.

  1. Correspondence

                We reviewed the thank you cards that we received from the Warming Center, the Way Station, the Food

                Shelf, and Abby Wood.

  1. Breakfast Donations

                March – Will be given to Houston County elderly in need.  Tammy will pick up gift cards for Quillan’s in

 Caledonia to be given to elderly that need assistance in buying groceries.           

Other months will be decided in the future.

  1. Special Collection Letter

The letters will be handed out the first two Sundays in March.  The letters remaining after that will be mailed out.  Pat will ask Father to put this in the announcements the first two Sundays.

  1. First Communion & Senior Graduates

* There is one boy who will be making his First Communion this year – Noah Mauss. First Communion will be on April 26th.

* Three people will be graduating this Spring- Laura Colsch, Peter Boland, and Austin Kubitz. Exact date for the Senior mass is unknown at this time.

* A breakfast honoring all of them will be on May 3rd.  Pat will contact Denise Mauss and Mandy O’Neill and share this information.

  1. Other

It was proposed and decided that we will do a baby bottle campaign from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  The money raised will be given to the NE Iowa Right to Life.  Gail will see if we can borrow the fetal displays that St. Pat’s in Waukon has for the kick off for that campaign and baby bottles that were used last year.  We understand that this was done last year but few knew about it.  We will be sure to get it more publicized this year. 

  1. Next meeting - April 26, 2020  
  2. Closed with a prayer.





Rosary Society Meeting Agenda

October 27, 2019

  1. Opened with prayer
  2. Financial report

                Nancy gave an estimate of financial account.

  1. Correspondence

                Thank you from those going to the NCYC.

  1. Bingo Update

No one has expressed an interest yet.  The last bingo of the year is this coming Wednesday. If you know of someone who would like to assist Virginia Moore with bingo at Thorton Manor, please contact Virginia.

  1. Breakfasts/Donations

December- (this month it will be the second Sunday of the month) due to the late Thanksgiving holiday. Donations will go to the Vets of Allamakee county. Pat will ask Santa to attend the breakfast.                  

  1. Cookie/Candy Sale

Cookie/Candy donations – the unit leaders will be asked to contact others in their unit and ask them to donate two dozen or more of a Christmas candy and/or cookie for the sale on December 7th.  Cookies and candy should be brought to the church basement on Friday from 4:00 – 7:00pm.  We will package Friday evening. More information will be in the Reminder. Pricing will remain the same as last year (large container - $6.00; small container - $3>00). I was suggested that we donate a large container of cookies for a door prize. 

  1. Other

Gail said that with more cremations, Father would like a small covered table to set the cremation urn on.  It was decided to use a table that had been in the kitchen.  Gail volunteered to make the table covering.

  1. Next meeting - November 24, 2019
  2. Closed with a prayer.